Saturday, 11/28/15 – Visions of the End Times

The Seven Scrolls in Heaven(Dn 7:15-27; Dn 3:82-87; Lk 21: 34-36)

There is a remarkable similarity between the prophet Daniel’s visions in the first reading for mass today, and the visions the prophet Ezekiel experienced.  Both of the prophets experienced visions about living creatures that are nothing like we’ve ever seen during our earthly lives.  Visions are not usually about earthly things, but just the fact that these creatures are so very different from all other life on earth, gives some validity to the prophets’ visions. The truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.

If you have time, it is very interesting to read about both Daniel and Ezekiel’s visions in the Old Testament.  The similarities are just remarkable.

There are some people though, who believe that the visions that the prophet Ezekiel wrote about, were actually his encounters with visitors from another world.

(The Catholic church does not have a problem with the possibility of life on other planets, by the way.  If God created us, it’s possible He created beings in other worlds as well.  We already know that the angels were created to be completely different beings from the human race.  We also accept that both the angels and the demons are real, even if we can not prove their existence. Religion and science are not necessarily at odds with one another.  Science just attempts to prove and explain many of the same things that Christians accept on the basis of faith.)

But, let’s move on to the rest of the scriptures for mass today.  The first reading from the book of Daniel describes the end of time, and then Jesus also spoke of the end times in today’s gospel too.  We need to remain alert and aware of this reality, but it is nothing to be afraid of, if we remain in Christ’s friendship.  We were created for God’s companionship and made for heaven.  He actually wants our company in heaven for the rest of eternity!

Heaven and the reality of Christ’s kingship is so far beyond our comprehension that we can’t even begin to picture it, but we still wait in joyful anticipation for Christ’s coming, because we trust him and we trust his words.

There’s no need to focus too long on the readings about the end times today, or worry too much about them.  May our spirits be at peace, trusting that all will turn out well in the end, for those who love God and who love Jesus Christ.