The Best Protection Against Demons and Evil Spirits

DevilIn the gospel reading today, Jesus was preaching in the synagogue while a man with an unclean spirit was listening.  The unclean spirit inside the man recognized that Jesus was the son of God, and cried out, “What have you to do with us, Jesus of Nazareth?  Have you come to destroy us?  I know who you are – the Holy One of God!”  This man may have for all appearances sake, seemed as normal as you and I, but underneath his external appearances, a demon lay hidden inside of him.

If you speak with any official exorcist in the Catholic church, they will tell you that demons do not usually take possession of a person without their permission.  Involuntary demonic possessions can occur, but most of the time a person has done something to encourage the evil spirits.

No one should ever play with Ouija board games, because this is a well-known way that demons are invited into the world.  Ask an exorcist about this.  It isn’t just a game.  Tarot cards, mediums, fortune tellers, voodoo, Wicca, witchcraft, the occult, or any other fascination with the spirit world, or the dead, can attract and encourage evil spirits.

Even if a person did these things out of fun when they were a child or a teenager many years ago, a demon can lie hidden inside a person, undetected for a long time.  This is probably what happened with the man who had the unclean spirit in the synagogue, that Jesus cured in today’s gospel.

Demons can not stand the name of Jesus, let alone be in his presence.  In fact, the name of Jesus is an effective way to cope with the presence of demons.  But, the best way to cope with demonic attacks or harassment, is to grow in holiness yourself.

The best protection against demons and evil spirits is to attend mass regularly, go to confession and have a regular, consistent prayer life. We receive grace from Jesus, through the sacraments and prayer, and by genuinely living by God’s commandments.

It can happen though, that the closer a person grows to Jesus, the more the demons or evil spirits will harass them.  This is ordinarily in the form of temptations.  The demons will size you up and look for your weakest area and then go for the jugular, so to speak.  Bait, distraction and division are also some of the main tactics they use to draw you away from the Lord.  If you ever experience a genuine demonic attack, or feel like you are being harassed by an evil spirit, the best way to cope with it is to go to confession, attend some extra masses, and then spend a little more time than usual praying before a tabernacle or at adoration.

Jesus is always stronger than the demons, or even Satan himself.  They can’t stand his presence, but they are attracted to him, and to holy things and holy places, but they keep at a distance, like in the synagogue in today’s gospel.  The church building itself is not a barrier to the demons, but the Eucharist, holy water, and confession is  – they can’t touch them or come near.

Holy water and blessed salt can be used in a home, especially in doorways and windows.  People often wear a Saint Benedict medal that has been blessed too, for extra protection from the evil spirits.  Praying the rosary often helps, because if you remember, our Lady crushed the head of Satan beneath her feet.  And of course, the Saint Michael prayer is very well-known too.

There are many people who believe that demonic influences are simply a form of mental illness though.  Sometimes a person does have a mental illness.  Sometimes they are being genuinely harassed or possessed by a demon.  And, sometimes it’s both.  It’s not an either or situation.  Genuine demonic harassment can put so much stress on a person that they develop mental problems.  Who wouldn’t have some emotional or mental issues if a real demon was harassing you?

If you, a family member or a friend ever experience a demonic attack that you can’t handle, don’t be shy about talking to the exorcist in your diocese.  The priests who serve as an exorcist can help in many ways, and that is what they are there for.  Actually, many protestants and non-believers contact Catholic exorcists too.  There are many people in our modern society that quit believing the devil is real, and therefore, not many members of the clergy have been trained to be exorcists.  However, there is usually at least one official exorcist in every diocese.

The Catholic church has also been actively increasing the number of trained exorcists, because Satan’s influence on our world has increased in recent decades, especially because of the increase in satanism and involvement in the occult, especially among our young.  Satan worship is a formally recognized religion in many countries of the world now. In the US, it is a legally protected religion.

We shouldn’t be too concerned about the demons and evil spirits though. They can’t do anything without Christ’s permission, which is very evident in today’s gospel.


  1. Hi Laura, I am a trained, registered, Ordained Spiritual Warfare Minister. Your article is very good. Keep up the good work! My wife Sharon is a Sensitive/ Intuitive and we have been working cases together since we met and married 15 plus years ago. I am 55 years old now and have been a ghost buster (For Real), since the age of 10. Believe me when I tell you that this just scratches the surface! I have assisted in exorcisms where the one taking control of the rights has varied from Catholic priests to exorcists from all branches of faith, Lutheran, Christain, Baptist, etc. I am a devout Catholic and my wife is strong in her Lutheran faith. I too have taken control of the rights for an exorcism and stepped in and taken over the rights when the priest has fallen ill or been harmed and cannot continue! The one common denominator we all have which allows some of us to be successful in Spiritual Warfare is FAITH, HUMILITY and LOVE for the victim! (Hate The Sin, Love The Sinner)!! In addition, we all know that we hold NO POWER over the situation. It is the belief we have and the ability we have to allow the Holy Spirit to work through us! In closing I will just add that EVERYONE has been given the power through Jesus Christ to rebuke and banish demons! “If You Resist, He must Flee”. There is no rhyme or reason for demonic infestation, oppression and possession. We are all at risk and we are all targets simply because we are human beings and created in Gods image. Demons are repulsed by us and regard us as a disease to eradicate. Good Luck and God Bless. Rev. Shawn.

  2. How can I get someone to come expel many demons and spirits in my home. I’m exhausted from them and I hear them and I know boards have been used multiple times in my home and my father died here. There is a lot of spiritual activity happening and I need peace. I feel constantly being judged in a negative way and negativity is so strong. Please ! I feel like something is haunting me and wants me to kill myself yet there is the sweet ones that bring peace. I need real help !

  3. Dear Trish. Please go see a priest. Do not feel self conscious or nervous about it. An exorcist can come to your home, if needed. So, the first thing to do is contact a priest and ask to be referred to the exorcist in the archdiocese. Until you can see him, go to Mass, confession, pray the Saint Michael prayer and a daily rosary. Eucharistic adoration also strengthens you. Many people wear a specially blessed Saint Benedict medal while they are being harassed. Sprinkle holy water throughout your home, especially in the doorways and Windows. Good luck, and don’t listen to anything the devil tries to lead you to believe or do. He is a Liar and is not telling you the truth about yourself, and Jesus is stronger than he is.

  4. My name is Jennifer. I am 40 years old and have been dealing with evil presences since I was a child. I am a very faithful Christian and am a daily Bible reader and prayer. I love the Lord with all my heart, with all my soul, & with all my strength. That being said…evil is drawn to me like moths to a flame. The mental anguish I can deal with somewhat although stressful; coping with being talked to by invisible things that even make non-believers skin crawl…in foreign languages (that after researching are often biblical in nature and I’ve decifered, with the help of the internet, in Hebrew, Latin, Greek & on rare occasions…Aramaic; but its the physical attacks (especially when I’m asleep) that are starting to “take its toll” on me. I wake up with large bruises on various parts of my body often…as well as large welts that are red and inflamed that feel like my skin is on fire and are hot to the touch and both vary from hand prints (larger than my own (with or without claw indentations), fist prints like I’ve been punched, and in fewer cases but it does occur, bite marks. Most often they occur when I sleep (which I sleep an average of 3-5 hours a night) but I have had many instances where I have been in a fully conscious state when assaulted. The majority of incidents happen while I am alone but there have been a number of times where others have been present to witness these events. (Needless to say it is traumatizing for those present…especially when in long-term relationships. Even when I dated a minister…when they can’t help be it also creates a sense of hopelessness in them.) I’ve been to confession (no help), I have drank holy water and have been blessed with it by multiple priests as well as being blessed and annointed with oil, I’ve had my house blessed, I pray and read my Bible daily and I BELIEVE FULLY in the power and strength of the Lord and His son Jesus Christ dying for my sins. And I have checked into getting an exorcism done but I’m not possessed and its a whole lot more difficult to get the catholic church to agree to do one these days than your site suggests. So I’m at a bit of an impass and I’m trying to figure out what to do before I am permanently injured or just don’t wake up. These demons are extremely powerful and this morning I woke up with large swollen bruise on the back of my hand, a bite with clearly defined teeth marks on the back of my calf, and the folded blanket that I sit next to my pillow on my bed reeked of sulfur (and I have witnesses to confirm all these). So if you have any suggestions that I haven’t tried I would greatly appreciate hearing them…I know that the Lord doesn’t allow us more trials than we can handle and if it is beyond what we can bear then we are provided a means to escape ( 1 Cor 10:13) But I have been unable to find my escape route so please advise (preferably sooner than later). Thank you and Praise Be To God.

  5. Thank you so much for your prayers and advice Laura. I appreciate it very much. I will try to get ahold of the Vatican trained exorcist as soon as possible. In answer to your question, yes the assaults have happened in multiple other locations. Unfortunately I honestly think these things are drawn to me and not focused on a location. Incidents have occurred at the homes of friends of mine, in my parents homes (this has been occurring as far back as I can remember and my father (adopted) was in the military so we moved every few years), in Indiana, Arizona, Montana, Pennsylvania and even in Germany. (We were stationed at a base in Germany for 3 years 1986-1989). I have been assaulted in my car (if not for the Grace of God, that one would have killed me), I have been attacked in public in front of strangers (terrifying, embarrassing & difficult to explain when paramedics are called) and I was even followed into a Catholic Church once by two of the stronger spirits (a very surprising experience).

    I know they like to try to wear me down physically, mentally and spiritually…to try to keep me in a weakened state. Even at my weakest I always bring up to them that through my weakness, God will be my strength as He was for Paul in 2 Cor chapter 12. I do my best to battle them with the Word. I’m just tired and if there is a way to lessen the pain and frustration, I would like to know how. (And I know that just giving in to evil is NOT the way to fix things even though some have tried to convince me otherwise). Thank you again for your caring and for your prompt response Laura. Praise Be To God.

  6. I will pray for you. I am very sorry for what you are going through. It is really hard. Please see a priest though, preferably an exorcist or at least a priest who believes in the devil’s real presence in our lives. Going to confession and praying the rosary, extra Masses, etc. will help. Please try some of the things listed in this article. May Jesus Christ protect you and keep you safely in his loving care.

  7. Hi Laura, I was thinking of the girl who commented named Jennifer.I wanted to give her advice to get olive oil and bless it in the name of the father the son and Holy Spirit.Find a powerful prayer to pray over it and tell God what she wants done. She needs to annoint herself daily, annoint her everything in her home, annoint her bed and pillows. Even her food.She also need to be reading poweful bible sciptures out loud daily.God said his word is like a hammer that breaks the rocks into pieces.He also said when you speak his word he will make it fire and make your enemies wood.When you don’t have no preist or pastor to help you what do you do? You have to become your own priest.Tell her to get the bible on cd and play in her house on repeat.She needs to learn to cover her life and everything in it in the blood of Jesus.Sje needs to take authority in Jesus name and command those entities out of her body and house.Also get the book prayerer that route demons by John Ekhardt. Please get this advice to Jennifer.I wanted to give her this message but your site did not allow it. The more you take authority in christ the mire piwerful you become.She akso need to add fasting weekly to cut the demonic strongholds.She hast to fast alot.I am talking from experience.My story is heart breaking but it made me stronger.I feel compassion on people like Jennifer.I know what it feels like to feel all alone with no one to help.I don’t know what open these domonic doors in her life but when she begin fasting God will reveal them to her and what she needs to get rid of.Do not keep statues in your house of any kind.God hates them.She needs spiritual house cleansing.Please get this to her.Thank you

  8. I have had a demon attacking and harassing me every night for the past 5 months. Our priest came out and did Deliverance prayers and blessed the house, and although we could clearly feel the Holy Spirit fill our home, the demon did not leave. It backed off for a couple of days, but then was back attacking me and my cat nightly and sometimes during the day. These are physical attacks. I have a very involved story which I am too weak and tired to write about, but I would like to know if there is an exorcist priest that I can contact. My diocese does not have an exorcist. The next diocese closest to my city does not have an exorcist. Both of these dioceses are in large metro areas with populations of at least 1 million. I can’t believe that neither has an exorcist. I really need one. I know that to participate in the sacraments, go to adoration and truly strive to grow in holiness will help, but what if I’m the only one in the home doing this? Will it start attacking the others instead? I don’t want that. I’d rather it attack me than anyone else. Right now, it only attacks me and the cat. The others in the house have seen it. It seems to be attached to the house, and in particular, one area and not any one person, though I am the only one that it attacks physically, the depression and illness in this household and the continuous ongoing misfortune has been experienced by all of us. I’ve always felt an oppression here and it has escalated from that to harassment and attacks. I think occult activity may have happened in the house before our family owned it. This demon is not phased by holy water, the name of Jesus, Mary, the Rosary, the Divine Mercy Chapet, any of the Saints I petition for intercession, like Padre Pio, St. Benedict, St.. Gemma, St. Theresa of Avila, St. John Vianney, and several more who all have experienced demonic attacks.It will attack me when I’m praying a rosary aloud. It will attack harder if I play EWTN recordings of the Divine Mercy Chaplet or recordings of the Rosary. I am going to set up a prayer altar in my area of the house, but I’ve been so challenged by the attacks that I can barely get anything done. It keeps me up all night, so I sleep all day now. Then if I need to get up, I cannot. I simply cannot physically or mentally wake up and get out of bed (not normal, it’s almost like I’m drugged). I’ll sleep from 8-14 hours a day. I’m concerned about being exposed to this thing so much. I’m always on the verge of vomiting. It feels like it is draining the life out of all of us. Me, in particular, and it has caused some problems between myself, and those who don’t know the faith or how debilitating this can be and on top of chronic physical illness. I really need help. Can you recommend a Catholic exorcist who is in line with Rome and the Magesterium?

  9. Do you live in America? Yes, I know a Catholic exorcist that was officially trained in Rome. Could you get in contact with me through my personal email? I can’t give you any official advise but it certainly sounds like the house itself, residual from a previous resident. Please email me to obtain the exorcist’s name and phone number.

  10. I am a Catholic who has been persecuted by demons since age one, at least, and have but one piece of advice for the people who are being persecuted by them. Surrender to God. The goal of these demons is to make you so wound up that you can no longer surrender to anyone-even God.
    Jesus wants for you to abide in Him and trust in Him too. Love God, trust Him, and talk with Him. Talking with someone means listening too, which means you must surrender yourself to Him. “When I am weak, I am strong.” That is what Jesus said. God be with you.

  11. i think when im alone im constantly watched by someone,i see dreadful dreams at night also im likely to get angry constantly argue with my parents,stay away from holy objects most times, AM I REALLY POSSESSED? BY A SPIRIT OR GHOST please reply me im a school going child i need HELP , IF IM POSSESSED BY CHANCE AM I GOING TO DIE ? IM SCARED PLZZ HELP ME OUT

  12. You really need to tell this to an adult that you trust, as soon as you can. Are you a Catholic? If so, can you go see your parish priest, or any priest you feel comfortable with? The first thing to do is talk to someone who will take you seriously. Do you have a family doctor? He would also be a real good place to start. Your parents may not understand what is going on with you, but if you tell them about this it might help. I really do think your parents, a priest and a doctor could help you. If you feel like you are being watched, then you are probably not possessed and certainly not going to die. Even if holy objects seem repulsive, please pray anyway. Go to confession. Trust Jesus. You can trust him with anything, but most especially this. He will defend you and comfort you if you will take refuge in him. You can’t do this alone.

  13. My armour was rosary three times a day, St. Philomena’s oil and holy mass three times a week. (I wanted more but I couldn’t go). Meditation three times a day too and divine office prayers. These things didn’t free me completely, just helped to lead quite a normal life. Gregorian chants and especially Stabat Mater helped to sleep. Sleeping tablets didn’t work. Finally I was encouraged to go to Medjugorje. Afterwards I met the diocese egzorcist – he doesn’t believe that a possessed person can take communion. So I am insane, according to him :-)

  14. I found fr. Ripperger’s lectures very useful. He confirms that even very holy people can be possessed. I don’t claim to be holy because I know my sins and weaknesses. The feeling was like the evil and the good were very close to me. At that time I could pray but not much, just listened to Gregorian chants and watched a video of crucifixion from a film. Later on it was a partial possession. A few weeks with just one mass a week before going to Medjugorje made it clare where I would be now if it hadn’t been for Medjugorje. Even frequent humiliating confessions didn’t free me. It was just bearable with the help of prayers and sacraments.

  15. Do you have the web address for Fr. Ripperger’s lectures? Are they available on the internet? I’m sure many of our readers would be very interested in hearing them too. I too, believe that even very holy people can be possessed. And, I’m glad to hear you confirm that prayer and the sacraments really did help you. We all need this strengthening, but most especially during the more severe trials in our life. I sure appreciate you writing! Thank you for taking the time to do so. Many other people will benefit from your words too. May the peace of Christ be with you!

  16. I have seen devils laugh at jesus in thf tulsa ok eucharistic chapel. How? @ 1888 pope leo xiii one day saying mass saw/heard satan challenge jesus that he could destroy the church if given more power and time. Jesus granted this but said satan would be severely punished when he failed. This is why there is more and worse demonic now than ever before. Ripperger was banned from tulsa diocese by new bishop for unknown reasons and ripperger told us not to protest. Many feel/are abandoned. Many traditional latin mass catholics such as and st vincent ferrer foundation of texas, believe that since collegial consecration of russia to mary’s immac heart askd for in 1917 has not yet been done correctly, it may be that satan ‘will give his great power and authority to the beast’ soon aka the reign of antichrist. This is not alarmism but a guess at the big picture. Read fr. Arminjon’s and josef pieper’s books on the end of the age. Pcp publishes good new book on pope leo’s vision and his resulting st michael prayer, which is a minor exorcism u can pray w/o permission. Email ripperger 4 his ‘binding’ and spiritual combat prayers. Also google auxilium christianorum. Please! Go 2 extraordinary/latin mass as it has many more graces as per ripperger, fr michael rodriguez etc. Ask monks and cloistered nuns 2 pray 4 your deliverance. Fast, pray, put fear and 7 deadly sins out of your life, and beg 4 humility and pure agape love into your life. Do acts of charity/caritas/love 4 others. Laugh if u can, satan’s pride can’t abide happiness. Pray 4 unfailing ‘tough trust’ and total confidence in jesus and mary’ and ‘put on the armor of god. These can help u before and after exorcist. We may all have 2 suffer some until christ’s victory over satan and antichrist. And remember, ‘the night is darkest right before the sunrise’! Pls pray 4 me as one also long and badly attacked in many ways.

  17. Thank you to each and everyone of you sharing your experiences! I have been watching Fr.Corapi’s Immortal Combat series on Youtube, as well as all of Fr.Chad Ripperger’s stuff online. I cannot say enough about these two priest’s. The war is real. We have weapons at our disposal, to help us fight the good fight. I pray for each person that finds this website comes out victorious in their personal battles. United we stand!! God bless

  18. thanks laura for this forum.My name is Bancy and I come from Kenya.May God bless those going through spiritual bondage and may Jesus flee you.Remember that demons may not be welcomed by you but neighbours around you can,through witchcraft acts and abominations like gayism,beastiality,having genies to make people rich….I believe praying together with many people is much more helpful because you weaken other people’s satanic acts.God bless

  19. I used to ride a very tall unicycle in a troupe of street artists, alongside a clown, twoguys on stilts, and an extremely competent juggler. One day we were at a circus convention with people from all over, including a clairvoyant tarot card reader who set up her caravan near to our spot. She summoned a demon which emerged from her caravan and it headed our way. Needless to say, it went straight for the juggler.

  20. Hi! As I am writing this my cell sceen is flashing on and off. I don’t normally wrote but I don’t know where to turn. I can see and hear both good and bad things. I can sense things before they happen. My grandmother was the same way and it drove her mad. She died in a specialized hospital. I don’t want to see, hear or talk to these things. Yet the good spirits have kept us safe. I know I sound crazy but I am not. I am a Christian and I know mediums are an against God’s will. I don’t want to do that. I hate what I can do because of what happened to my grandmother. I don’t know what to do with this gift or curse. It has helped me as an EMT. I was able to find two separate children that wondered away from home. I could see where they were and lead the search team to them. In that way it helps but I hate the dark spirits. That is my story. What should I do? Thank you.

  21. Try reading the Bible what Jesus said is written in red and one verse talks about how prayer and fasting is the only way to get rid of a certain demon. He also talks about eternal life so demons and people can be in denial all they want but that’s not going to help them. They should listen to the word. In a homily at church the priest said fast with thanks so don’t get mad or sad about it! Jesus gives us so much mercy so I think as long as people try to be holy and call out his name and repent anyone can be saved. I had a dream a bunch of snakes turned into cats and the other snakes disappeared I’m pretty sure some spirits know deep down eternal life is real. God bless you guys and spread the word and try super hard not to be a hypocrite.

  22. Try reading the Bible what Jesus said is written in red and one verse talks about how prayer and fasting is the only way to get rid of a certain demon. He also talks about eternal life so demons and people can be in denial all they want but that’s not going to help them. They should listen to the word. In a homily at church the priest said fast with thanks so don’t get mad or sad about it! Jesus gives us so much mercy so I think as long as people try to be holy and call out his name and repent anyone can be saved. I had a dream a bunch of snakes turned into cats and the other snakes disappeared I’m pretty sure some spirits know deep down eternal life is real. God bless you guys and spread the word and try super hard not to be a hypocrite. the craziest thing is the end of age/last day could be any day so I hope some spirits & people who don’t follow God ask for mercy and eternal life.

  23. this may sound crazy, but it’s true. Me my fiancée and especially my poor cat where being attacked by something evil, i could not sleep and woke up, and saw my cat very frightened and with blood on his belly and paws, then i got attacked by feeling something on my back, we prayed all night and now my woman went to work and i am still praying but very exhausted, i am scared to go to sleep but i believe god will protect us.

  24. Our elder brother got a piece of book that contains a latin words from my uncle then he and his wife used it they did it to me way back 2016. i had a lot of pains during that time .we go to different doctors but no all results of many test is
    no findings i think almost 6 mos. I spend time on bed but
    all of the sudden im good
    . I found out they lifted what
    they did to me. Then they did
    it to our dad he had a cough
    that cant be cure with any
    meds but no findings and his
    lungs is good. Then he died.Then my mother also sufferef from their evil works shes healthy but after she celebrated her b-day last oct. With a the wife of her son who got the small book. From that night till now my mom is ill.. and what ways to get rid of this unseen entity that i felt thats bothered me. I can feel heat near at me. And this is because of what they’ve done

  25. Hello…
    I am.a catholic woman who loves being a Catholic very much because I understand praying and living like one. That said I come from a family where almost all the people are pentecostal and sometimes it’s a challenge for me to keep going. The biggest question is are their spiritual husbands and children? Is it true if I breast feed in a dream or dream that I am pregnant I will not be able to bare children? My sister always tells me I can’t break through because I am a Catholic and I know it’s not true, my lord jesus is in the holy sacrament of eucharist. But if any of these spiritual things is true can you help me know what’s the best way to pray? To set my self free in jesus name…
    Any novena? Any particular saint? And prayer that can actually get rid of these spirits if they exist?
    Thank you very much.

  26. My name is Ernest Stephens, i have a sister that is having problem with spirits in her home, that keep her awake at night. I have contacted people that supposing could get rid of these tormenting spirits. Nothing has worked, can somebody help her? She really need help. Could some one tell me the name of a priest, and how to get in touch with them, thank you very much. Sincerely Ernest

  27. I have been reading everyone’s experiences and understand what all of you are going through. I have always been very sensitive to the spiritual realm ever sense I was a child but as an adult now I can see and hear demons. When this first started happening to me I was I was told by many fellow christians of all denominations that this was happening to me because I did something to invite at and lost Gods favor and needed to repent my sins and ask for Gods forgiveness. Of course being scared to death and not understanding what I did so bad that God would allow me to come under attack and not someone who did way worse things. I know now that none of that was true. This is a gift given from God from the Holy Spirit and it is intended to be used to help others and that’s what I intend to do. Sence receiving this gift of the Holly spirit I have been attacked physically, spirituality, sexually and relentlessly stalked by demons. The thing that I tell people that helps me cope and live a somewhat normal life is to not fear them (I know easier said then done) but having faith knowing that God is for us not against us and whatever God allows to happens to us is to build us up and make us stronger in the fight against the enemy. God never promised to take us out of the fire but he will walk in the fire along side us and never leave our side and in knowing that alone will help you loose your fear and gain power over the enemy. What I do when they really get out of hand is speak out in Gods Authority (always specifie GOD’s AUTHORITY to them) that they are to let you and your loved ones alone Make sure when speaking in Gods authority that you cover all bases. Meaning don’t leave them any loopholes because they will use them if left uncovered in speaking in the authoritie of the Lord.

  28. Hi I always feel that I have been cursed because nothing works out for me and never has really I find it hard to pray as I feel that I am a hypocrite I have never had any proper friends I was unable to bring up my child who says he sees evil spirits when I was a child my friend stumbled upon a few people have a seance with Ouija board and I didn’t want to have anything to do with it but my friend at the time wanted to know more about it so we sat down with these people and the board apparently spelt out my friends and my name on the board and said that he had died in a fire and was going to hurt us my friend died at a very young age I told my mum and she immediately sent me to confession I am scared even to mention this or to think about it and I have been bullied and beaten and abused all of my life I wonder if it is because of this I know I need help but don’t really know what to do even now in my 50s I am still being abused and bullied even in work the bosses tell me to shut my mouth when I try to tell them and they listen only to the person who is bulling me with her friend I am so tired of all of this sometimes I feel that I can’t possibly take any more and have terrible thoughts if you know what I mean but I am a coward really Can you help me with this and tell me if I am right

  29. I am one who’s read about the Best Protection against demons, Jesus Christ is awesome! I’ve been a catholic all my life, I have learned a lot in life and need all of your prayers. I’ve tried to walk an up right life and too can only hope to be a decent human being, I have a huge family and have made mistakes. I have believed in God and Jesus Christ his only begotten son, I love the holy spirit and pray myself quite often. I apologize to all whom I have hurt. I seek to be forgiven and first of all to forgive. I have coped with stress most of my life and know what it’s like to not have… I look for hope and have to pray. I too believe Jesus Christ God is big! I seek Jesus Christ and I want to follow the guiding of the Holy Spirit. I’m sorry God of all of my sacrilege completely and consistently. I pray for you all too. I need to show mercy and I can’t break it feels. I have tried to stop being one to think up excuses now. I say I can’t tempt Our Lord. I am always trying to find a way to pray and am quit close to Jesus Christ. I forgive my brother and seek to be forgiven, I have a big cross to bare and this is why I need your prayers. thanks

  30. The ouija board thing is really overblown, and even the worst mediums like Kim the Long Island Lolita medium go on and on blaming the ouija board for everything. If you’ll notice, you join in league with the evil people when you blame that board for so much. You can get a bigger dose of evil just coming in contact with evil people everyday than you can with that board. And making people feel like if they played with the Hasbro board when they were ten and that’s what’s ruined their life thus far…stupid.

  31. Look at the poor lady Geraldine White who posted above. She’s obsessing over something that happened to her when she was little and stumbling upon people playing with a ouija board – which they may or may not have been doing. She’s been scared so much she might even not have known what was going on – it could have been Monopoly! It is just wrong to scare the crap out of people the way so many Catholics do, though some Protestants do it too.

  32. hi my name is Doris have been and i have been dealing with or should i say trying to get rid of these evil spirits that have been following me around for a long time and i recently found a pair that can for sure help me and other people here that is going through the same thing i to hear them and they touch me on my vagina and every where else i very calm about it tho cause i always knew i would fine some one that will help me get rid of them at first i thought it was good then i was soon found out that it was bad very bad one of the evil spirits thinks he have been have sex with me and now that i have been taking my spiritual bath with Epsom salt they seem to be fadeing away i have talked to about 5 psychic mediums and they all say the same thing that these evil spirit are trying to run me crazy and yea they have been trying to get me to kill myself but that is not going to happen i have to much to live for and that is the love from JESUS feel every day because GOD LOVE S ME I WANT TAKE MY OWN LIFE AND aint NO EVIL SPIRIT GONE TAKE IT EITHER
    well the ladies that i found has a ghost busting business and y’all can find them at they can help im reading there book right now call ghost buster gals i tried to get the link but this the website address

  33. What brought me to this site is that I have had some trouble for myself. (no way near as bad as everyone else) So I guess I should start from the begining.
    When I was in primary school I was a good kid no connection to evil really. I had a strong passion for drawing and I would draw anything and everything. During class one day however I got bored and I started to lazily draw a monster. When the teacher came around she stopped and stared at my drawing. I asked her if she liked it (I thought she must be impressed if she’s staring) and she didn’t directly answer me but instead she asked me why I drew it and what I copied it off. I replied that it was just something from my imagination. And she told me that it looked liked the devil. I still remember that day, what my drawing looked like. A few years passed and I was watching youtube about weird ancient books and I remember heard about the codex gigas also known as the devil’s bible and in it was a picture of the devil – same as the drawing I drew years before.
    The same year I drew the devil (without knowing) I also drew an ouija board (without knowing as well) the teacher put the drawing in the bin and I was horrified that she did without an explanation – but that’s why i remember. I actually tried to use it. (hadn’t the slightest clue of what I was doing and i was also ignorant of demons and all that stuff). It didn’t work however because I used my hand to point instead of a piece of paper or an object. I also think it didn’t work because I added other stuff to it too like a drawing of a unicorn or lion and made them options too. But I would just decide the answers for myself and point at the answer I wanted. Only asked two questions though before the teacher put it into the bin though and I can’t remember those questions.
    I know that I’ve drawn other things to do with the devil and stuff as well like illuminati symbol and other stuff but I the thing is that when I drew those things I didn’t know that I was drawing something bad. Am I still in danger even though I had genuine ignorance of what i was drawing?
    Another incident happened when I was 8 years old I was a happy kid during the day and in the afternoon. However as soon as I would go to bed I had this overwhelming urge to kill myself but i didn’t know why. It honestly felt stronger than anything I’ve ever felt before – stronger than any emotion i’ve ever felt. I endured it for a few weeks crying about it not understanding why i felt this. Then one night i had had enough. I walked to the kitchen, pulled out a knife and held it to my stomach. I stared at the knife for a few minutes feeling the urge to kill myself and imagining what it would feel like. Then, I don’t really know how to explain it, but something just clicked inside me and for the first time in the few minutes did i actually realise what i was about to do. I was horrified by my actions (at the time I didn’t think it had anything to do with demons, nor did i know anything about demons). I dropped the knife back into the draw, ran to my room and went to bed that knight without feeling the urge to kill myself. After that I stopped feeling the urge to kill myself, but something else has been troubling me since then and i never thought anything of it because i thought it was normal.
    These days (I promise I’m not bipolar) I’ll go for a few weeks being a lively person full of energy, but then i slowly start to lose energy until I don’t even have the energy to think (literally – it’s like I’ve been cut off from my thoughts). I’ll draw close to God and my energy will return but with the restored energy I seem to get really busy and slowly stop praying to God each night – but I do think about God and ponder over stuff every day. But this energy thing isn’t normal – I’m doing every thing I can; eating healthy, getting a good 8 hours sleep every night etc. but I can’t stop this energy cycle I have.
    I thought this was normal for a very long time – years, but only recently have I found out it’s not normal because it’s getting worse and seriously starting to take it’s toll.

  34. I’m wondering if Trish ever got the help she was looking for. Can anyone answer to that?

    Susan Harris, some people are truly harassed by dark energies and unless you’ve experienced it personally it can appear to be a farce or psychological problem.

    The problem with Ouija boards is not necessarily the board unless it’s been in contact with dark energy. The real issue is that people don’t understand that when they give permission for spirits to use them to communicate that it’s like opening a door to your personal space that you may not be able to close.

    Lastly, and I didn’t read all the comments in entirety, are there any success stories? I’m curious what sort of things have worked for others. Also, any advice on how to get a home exorcised?

  35. My name is Aaron and a devout Catholic. My wife and I have personally experienced demonic infestations and opressions in our own home. After 54 days of constant battling the demon – Through God’s mercy and Grace, my wife saw with her eyes, as I prayed the rosary – Jesus, Mary, Four Arch Angels, and several Choirs of Angels appear and physically remove the demon who was tormenting my family. I now through the Holy Spirit, try to help others who are entangled with the demonic. Please call anytime… 575-491-0458

  36. Ive been haveing probs all my life its really hard to talk about but when i was a teenager i was angry and upset at the world and i did something i regret with my whole life i betrayed god i think i did neways i have so much anxiety from it and worry my eyes over the years have been getting worse i guess they can be described as scary i can hardly work nemore cause of this situation i dunno where to turn ive keep praying and going to church every sunday i just dont know what to do:(

  37. What would you suggest to a person who died when they were a child [6 years of age], and woke up… different?
    When I awoke some days later, nobody could ever tell me how long, the world looked entirely different but the same at the same time. I felt something inside of me that was not there before, or maybe it was there the whole time and my death woke it up? Ever since, I see things I cannot explain. Mostly spirits of the dead, most of them harmless, shadows of people, and other more… sinister things.

    I’m more curious of whatever is inside of me. You spoke of possession, but it’s not making me do anything that I’m aware of. I was young when it started, so I can’t really say what a difference in my behavior would have been if it never showed up. It often reminds me to curb my wrathful nature, although not entirely… It seems to be using me to bide its time, waiting for something.

    Got any ideas?

  38. Hello Laura:…

    How do i know if my severely impairing OCD is a demon? Should i talk to the exorcist. Because many would insist its just a mental illness.. But maybe there is more? Specially since i now started treatment, my OCD is telling me that the treatment is against God’s will that God wants me to suffer. I believe that my ocd has a mind of its own , how in the world can it tell me to stop the treatment? And sometimes I believe it thinking that im doing something bad by getting treatment. My uncle told me that the devil was attacking me and that gave me freedom, this was yesterday, today again the thought comes and its like My ocd wants to sabotage me into not getting treatment. Thats why i say it might be a demon. Though i don’t know if I need an actual exorcist.

  39. Francisco,
    I’m not an exorcist or anything, but I wouldn’t consider your OCD a demon.
    Your OCD is just a part of yourself that has gotten used to living a certain way for, I’m guessing, a very long time. That side of you is looking at the treatment as a death bed and you’re signing its life away; betrayal of self is real. When it starts acting out, convince it that the treatment isn’t the end and will be beneficial for both of you. The treatment won’t get rid of the OCD 100%, but it’ll be easier to live life.
    If you require religious overtones to help; somewhere in the Bible it says to find salvation you must kill yourself to yourself. You have to deny yourself to attain something that is much grander. You can be your own exorcist if you will it. There will be many challenges ahead of you, but God will see you and you will be blessed for your effort. Keep at it!

  40. Hi I’m Kevin 33 years old from South Africa..for the last 2 years + there something that shakes my bed it holds me the whole day and at night try’s to see with me’s as drain me out and I cnt work sleep or even eat ..I been to so many people for help but every one just took money from me..I’m so lost and so scared if there any one in Johannesburg South Africa midrand that can help me plz do I’m begging for help +27 817084224

  41. Can you go see a Catholic priest? If necessary, talk to him in confession and explain what is going on. Ask him to refer you to a catholic priest designated as a trained exorcist. If he is legitimate, they do not charge you for anything. Go to adoration chapel as often as possible to pray, go to mass as often as possible and especially frequent the sacrament of confession. This is too strong, too powerful for you to deal with alone. You need the strength of sanctifying grace, for Jesus to be strong for you. In the meantime, have you tried sprinkling holy water underneath and around your bed? Do you have a blessed crufcifix above your bed? Do you speak to this presence and command it to leave you alone in the name of Jesus Christ? Demons hate the name of Jesus, but they obey him and they hate blessed sacramental and crucifixes. You could also ask a priest to come to your home for a house blessing. Go to confession frequently and don’t be afraid. Jesus Christ is stronger than any demon, including Satan himself.

  42. There is a well known exorcist priest called Padre Fortea. He is from Spain, you guys can find him on line. I believe he speaks English.

  43. my name is Emma..there is an evil spirit hunting me every time especially when i sleep,i pray so much with faith that God will set me free,attending mars,repenting ,using holy water and praying,,,what else can i do to chase this evil spirit

  44. iam mar bachmeier my name is my email to trisha i might be way to late but if you need help i believe iam strong enough to hold it since i was seven years old ive been learning to hide fear from them its there weekness but anyway i would be more then happy to help violent spirits are easyer its free of course god gave it to me for free my name is my email at gmail

  45. so once again would be more then happy to help must be somewhat violent or means to harm for me to deal with it i was successfull 4times unsecessfull 1 thanks godbless marbachmeier at gmail

  46. Dear Laura, my mother in law practise black magic and each time she visited us my son will have nightmares of black tall black figure of woman disturbing him. He prayed then the figure this disappeared but recently it becomes more agressive and refused to leave when he prayed in his dreamed.I splashed holy water in each room after she left.What should l do to stop her demonic disturbances on my home and kids,l can’t stop her from visiting us since she is close to my husband.

  47. Jennifer,
    has your problem been resolved,i am Catholic my problems started when my father died a local priest did try but the trouble came back home with me [270 miles away] over 4 years later had gotten worse,i asked another medium who got 2 people from a Spritual Church who had the issues resolved in 20 minutes.I myself have trained as a medium but my energy had got very low as there where so many dark souls, and a witch i would see every day i can hear some of their talking,i’d cleared house only whats called a bully dark soul and his family arrived instead and i knew they planned to attack me .Try a Spiritual Church they have people deal with theses dark ones.The Catholic Church is struggling to get men to become priests and older men with the know how are mostly gone.they did attack but i heard them coming.
    Ask for Jesus to send his pure white light through all of your home,lofts,rooms everyday and ask for Saint Michael for psychic protection

  48. I have a question? If you have someone who is seeing things. Evil Loki g fish or snakes and they feel like they are constantly being touched or poked and you save them, and they get sick to their stomach and feel so down and sad and have no choice but to go to bed. They tell you never safe around them again. Could this be a possession? They are always sad, mad angry and hateful and have nothing but negative to say. Could this be a possession or an evil spirit attachement?

  49. If you believe in Jesus Christ and that he was crucified on the cross for all the sins of mankind our sins your sin my sins that he paid the debt of all sins with his Blood his life so we can repent on a daily basic and receive our name written in the book of life then you have the power to rebuke all spirits that are not of Christ no demon no evil spirit can stay in the presence of Jesus Christ just saying the name of Jesus will cause spirits to flee start thanking and praising Jesus Christ right there in your home or where ever you are and any spirit not of Christ Jesus or God will flee will move as fast as possible to get away from the presence of Christ Jesus
    just as the bible says so in John 14:11-13
    11Believe Me that I am in the Father and the Father is in Me—or at least believe because of the works themselves. 12Truly, truly, I tell you, whoever believes in Me will also do the works that I am doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. 13And I will do whatever you ask in My name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son.…All the works of Jesus & greater works we can do an example of the power we have because of Jesus Christ died and ascended into heaven is proved in Matthew 8:28-34.
    says, “When he arrived at the other side in the region of the Gadarenes, two demon-possessed men coming from the tombs met him. They were so violent that no one could pass that way. ‘What do you want with us, Son of God?’ they shouted. ‘Have you come here to torture us before the appointed time?’ Some distance from them a large herd of pigs was feeding. The demons begged Jesus, ‘If you drive us out, send us into the herd of pigs.’ He said to them, ‘Go!’ So they came out and went into the pigs, and the whole herd rushed down the steep bank into the lake and died in the water. Those tending the pigs ran off, went into the town and reported all this, including what had happened to the demon-possessed men. Then the whole town went out to meet Jesus. And when they saw him, they pleaded with him to leave their region…See just Jesus Christ presence placed fear in these demons that possessed these two men all you got to do is get Jesus Christ near you by calling on him getting his presence in your home near you say to the demons I rebuke you I command you to leave in the name of Jesus Christ…
    Place salt throughout your home over the thresh hold of your doors in Jesus Christ Holy Name place it around your windows if you feel you must put salt all over your home if its what it takes to feel safe comfort demon free…
    In Christ Jesus Holy Name I Rebuke Any Evil Presence And Demons From You And Cast Back Into Hell Where They Belong By The Strength The Power The Anointing Of The Holy Ghost Jesus Name Amen

  50. Is someone able to fight against a demon possession if they have a strong spirit because theres a demon that is trying to get hold of me and force me to do awfull things and he is trying to get to me through my dad since my dad has bundled up anger in his heart and that causes it were the demon takes control but when the demon try’s to get me i always feel pain in my heart and i wont be able to move for a few but i still have control of what happens to me and i wanted to know is it by strong spirit or a spirit that is close or a old victim of the demon or is it my sisters spirit or does god or someone have an interest in helping me, and i hear some of the demons name but not completely but i think its name is close to arladon or arlagon or something like that i dont know i keep hearing its name and nothing is getting it to leave us. and please let me know if you know what the demons true name is i need to know. One more thing Never let the demon possess you he is not a weakling he will make you feel more pain than you have ever feet in your whole lifetime and he will make you do anything he wants and you cannot get him out as easily as any demon can

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