Saturday 4/30/2016 – A World of Hatred

weeping angelWe live in a world of hatred. There is much animosity among neighbors, great distrust between civilians and political leaders, and skepticism overpowers our senses. There are many people fueling this fire of hatred because it is a great power that can be harnessed. A mass of people who all agree because of their hatred is a truly formidable opponent. When Jesus was crucified, his accusers rallied up the crowds by igniting their hatred for government, for poor pay, for lack of resources, and for the difficulties they endured. “Crucify him, crucify him,” they shouted, most not even knowing who they were condemning. The hatred that the common people bore toward their oppressors condemned Jesus. Their hatred made them vulnerable and malleable. Hatred weakened their senses, judgement, and reasoning. How weak is the world consumed with their hatred?

“If the world hates you, realize that it hated me first.”

Why does the world hate us? Why are we persecuted? Why do people yell at us? Why is Catholicism so misunderstood when it is a faith of truth, life, and love?

The people who are shouting at us are burdened with years-long dilemmas that they do not even recognize anymore. Those student loans from when they studied a subject that they are doing nothing with today are so heavy. That divorce from the high school sweetheart is hurtful and complicated and incredibly difficult. That sexual assault from that one random night is an open wound that will not heal. That one-night stand with a guy with no last name is now a 5-month-old with no father figure.

We are college graduates with student loans but we received more from university than just our degrees. We are divorcees but we have a greater appreciation for marriage now. We are victims of sexual assault but we are stronger now from our ability to forgive. We are single parents who did not know what love was until we looked into the eyes of our babies.

We are similar to those who hate, who resent, who mistrust, who are skeptical, who are worn down but we have something they do not. We have God. We have His Son, Jesus Christ. We have hope, unconditional love, forgiveness, and mercy. We have our Blessed Mother, the saints, angels, Doctors of the Church, and modern day evangelists that we can receive strength from.

We are in this world of negativity and hatred but we also create our own communities by going to church every week and being involved with parish ministries. We are weighed down with the same stressors as our neighbors but we do not carry our burdens alone. God is with us every step of the way because we allow Him to be with us.

So when we encounter the negativity and hatred of the world, remember that they do not necessarily hate you, they just are not inviting God into their lives. Be Christ to those people and love them as no one else might have loved them before. Each new bright light vanquishes more darkness. Do not allow the hatred to weaken you but embolden the downtrodden with Christs’ love.

About the Author

Megan Tobin is a graduate of Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, in the USA. She freelances for The Catholic Moment diocesan newspaper located in Lafayette, Indiana and is the proud new, stay-at-home mother of a six month old baby girl. She loves spending time with her husband and their dog, an Australian shepherd. Megan likes the outdoors, sports, and loves to read. She is also an active parishioner at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton parish in Carmel, Indiana.

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  1. Thanks for the post, its really touching.God bless you for the wonderful job you are doing. Pray for our country Zambia as we heard towards the general election in August.

  2. Tnk so much for reminding me once again dat am nt carrying my burden alone. May God’s love overshadow every hatred of d world on us $ give d grace to carry our individual crosses as well as love those who hate us thru Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

  3. There is an old song. “you are the light of the world let your light shine before all” Our greatest source of light is Jesus within us and you are so right we need community to brighten the flame. Thanks.

  4. Responding to the world around us with the perspective of knowing that the anger, mistrust, resentment, and yes, hatred that we encounter are the results of a need for our Father’s Love, Grace, and Healing can move us to acts of compassion and mercy. Thank you for the reminder. May God’s Blessings surround you and your family.

  5. Your reflection today was beautiful. Thank you for sharing it! I meet so many people who feel so hurt and/or betrayed by someone or something they believed in who let them down. They do not turn to God in their pain and worry, worry, worry. I pray that they will learn to trust God with their pain and feel His love in their lives.

  6. Megan, such a beautiful insight. What a great challenge for us to not be so offended by the hatred in the world. People are longing for Christ’s love and we need to strive to be that to others. Thank you for writing these reflections.

  7. What a beautiful reflection! Thanks, Megan! It reminded me of how blessed we are for not having to carry our burdens alone. I see people I care about suffer, feel lost and lean on the wrong stuff simply because they don’t know God. May God use us as His instrument to touch their hearts and open their eyes. Amen.

  8. Absolutely spot on. Let’s all get on our knees and bow before HIM in a spirit of humility, please Lord Jesus come.

  9. What an inspiring reflection to remind us of our Catholic faith and values in this drenched world of animosity. It is increasingly becoming more and more difficult to love with all the atrocities that are committed to humanity all over the world. But reflection like yours bring us back to our spiritual senses. Thank you for this soul-searching reflection.

  10. I appreciate what Tobin is doing, am in Church and i am really encouraged by what she is doing. Thanks very much. GOD Bless you.

  11. Thanks so much for reminding us of the power we have over hatred and sin, the power of Christ. We are never alone, although in this hateful world we may feel that way. Reminders like this help us to cling to our faith even more so in trying times. Bless you.

  12. Thank You. A beautiful article.The Spirit of Jesus in us,truly overcomes all hatred, and gives us the strength to show mercy forgiveness and love to those who need it the most.

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