How to Make a Rosary

Handmade RosariesHow to Make a Cord and Bead Rosary


Cut a 60″ piece of thin cord.

Tie a slip knot about 8″ from one end.

(This is so the beads won’t slip off the end.)


1st Decade:

String the following:

1 nylon spacer (or tie a knot),

10 Hail Mary beads,

1 nylon spacer (or tie a knot),

1 Our Father bead.


2nd Decade … the same

3rd Decade … the same

4th Decade … the same

5th Decade … the same

Finishing the Center:


  • Untie the slip knot that you tied at the beginning.
  • Knot the two ends of the cord together, centering the beads evenly.
  • String one of the two cord ends through one hole of the top of the centerpiece (or use a bead).
  • Repeat with the other cord end through the other hole.
  • Draw the two cords back together to string them through the bottom hole.
  • Tie a knot using both cords and trim one cord off at the knot.


Stringing the Leader and Crucifix:


  • Using the remaining cord, string a nylon spacer (or tie a knot), an Our Father bead, another spacer (or tie a knot), 3 Hail Mary beads, another spacer (or tie a knot), and another Our Father bead.
  • String the Crucifix on, pulling it as close as you want to the last (first) Our Father bead.
  • Fold the cord over and knot both strands together.
  • Cut off the loose end, close to the knot.

Congratulations on making your new rosary!

Click HERE to print the instructions and a diagram.

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