Friday, 4-28-17 Jesus Our Supernatural Hero

Seven Loaves of Bread and Two Fish

Jesus made manifest to the people of his day God’s supernatural world and its power, a world that is still all around us. However questions linger. Are we going to listen to the message the Holy Trinity communicates to us from this world? Are we going to follow Jesus – our supernatural hero? Or, have our senses become dull, leaving us unable to hear? And if we choose to listen, can we accept this message into our hearts?

God’s supernatural world is evident throughout today’s readings. The Pharisee named Gamaliel must have sensed the power within this world when he warned his fellow children of Israel to “be careful what you are about to do to these men” (Jesus’ Apostles). Jesus certainly revealed his supernatural power to the crowds as he multiplied the loaves and the fish in today’s Gospel. And today’s Psalm reveals to us a world more majestic than this planet we live on. Yes, there is more than meets the human eye and ear.

Jesus the Man

Jesus worked infinite miracles while he walked the earth, miracles that would leave their healing mark on the generations that followed – including today’s generation. He healed the people of their physical pains, he cast out demons that strove to steal life from their victims, and he taught God’s truth of love, forgiveness, and mercy. Jesus the man, the new Adam, stood in the space between the physical world we know, and the supernatural world of God. He healed people of pain that resulted from Original Sin and the source of his power was beyond this world.

It was Original Sin that set into motion the sin and death that would cause untold pain and heartache for all generations. And it was Jesus who would come into the world and show us the way towards healing and transformation. Jesus came to heal mankind of its sins so that we could experience the life God intended for his children in the beginning, before the Fall. He led by example. However, in order for all generations to receive the healing God offers, Jesus had to be more than a physical man, he had to also become the Christ, consubstantial with the Father.

A Supernatural King

Why didn’t Jesus allow the people in today’s Gospel to carry him away and make him their earthly king? After all, a human king can wield much power and the people of Jesus’ day were certainly searching for such a king. Also, great kings can go down in history and effect mankind for generations – especially a king who is the Son of God. Couldn’t Jesus, the Word Incarnate, have transformed the world as an earthly king with all of his love, mercy, and kindness?

I guess not – at least not in the way God intends. God, in his perfect wisdom, always has plans that are beyond our human comprehension. God desires to deliver more so that we can move into a deeper relationship with him. When Jesus knew the people were going to “come and carry him off to make him king” he withdrew again into the mountain alone to be with his Father. He withdrew so that he could move into a deeper union with God through prayer. You see, Jesus constantly sought a deeper relationship and communication with his Father and he frequently removed himself from others so that this relationship would deepen.

The Gospels are rich with stories of Jesus taking leave to spend time with Father God. I believe Jesus desires that we do the same. Only in our relationship with God, and the Holy Trinity, will we be able to see the truth of this world and the supernatural world. God’s plans for us are for our good, yet, we must choose to have a relationship with him – a divine friendship must bloom between us. We are invited to follow Jesus’ lead and withdraw frequently into our “mountain”.  God will give us the direction, guidance, and communion we need when we meet him there.

The Cosmic Christ

Jesus the man would become Jesus Christ – the Cosmic Christ who rules from his supernatural heavenly throne. The Cosmic Christ extends beyond everything we can comprehend as human beings, yet, he distills himself down to an understanding we can grasp. When we seek him, we will find him. He is everywhere and anywhere, he is within us, and he is outside of us. He is found in love, forgiveness, and humility and when we embrace these virtues we embrace and experience our eternal King – the Cosmic Christ.

Our King cannot be limited, and strange as it may seem, we are all a vital piece of his divine kingship. Not that he needs us, rather, we need him. As a man, Jesus revealed to us God’s desire to bless us with abundance many times over during his earthly ministry. He multiplied the loaves and fish in today’s Gospel. Twelve wicker baskets, overflowing with bread and fish, reveal God’s supernatural abundance. Such abundance is beyond our human comprehension and it is through Jesus Christ that this abundance flows. We, the children of light, are the hands and feet of Jesus Christ on earth. You see, God gave us a special place at his table as sons and daughters of the true King, we are members of his Son’s body on earth.

Divine Friendship

The Cosmic Christ is in the miracle business. He will be with us until the end of time, healing and transforming our pains. He will feed us loaves of bread and fish in abundance, and he will reveal to us our role in God’s divine supernatural plan. Our heavenly Father will work miracles through us because Jesus has gone to him. However, we must increase our belief, decrease our unbelief, and strengthen our friendship with God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. We must strive to be like Jesus and spend time with our Father in prayer and contemplation. Just as the Son met his Father in prayer, we will meet our Father there too. Then, at the perfect time, we will become the perfect hands and feet of our supernatural hero – Jesus Christ.

Fasting of the Mind

I invite you to visit my webpage on meditation and contemplation called Fasting of the Mind. In it you will find several pathways I regularly use to allow my heart to open more fully to Jesus Christ. I would love to meet you there. Here is the link: Fasting of the Mind.

Sacred Heart of Jesus – have mercy on us.

Father God – consume us.

Holy Spirit – enter in to us.

Mother Mary – pray for us.


Today’s Readings Acts 5:34-24; Psalm 27: 1, 4, 13-14; Alleluia Matthew 4:4B; John 6:1-15

About the Author

Carolyn Berghuis MS, ND, CTN is a best-selling author, inspirational speaker, traditional naturopath, and free-lance Catholic writer. She has spent over 20 years helping individuals experience real transformation in their body, heart and soul. Carolyn credits her frequent time spent in Eucharistic Adoration and regular Mass attendance for her spiritual growth and internal peace. Carolyn Berghuis is creator of The LIVE Method (Love is Victorious Everywhere) and the founder of Trinity Holistic Wellness. A woman whose compassion and determination are a powerful portrait of the human spirit, she has discovered the path to real happiness and peace. Her weekly on-line reflections on inspire readers across the globe and her heart for healing propels her forward as she seeks to assist those on their journey towards happiness and wholeness. Additionally, Carolyn is currently pursuing an MA in Pastoral Theology at Saint Meinrad Seminary and School of Theology. Carolyn also holds a BS in Mathematics, a MS in Holistic Nutrition and a doctoral degree in Naturopathy. Together with her husband, Scott Berghuis, Carolyn enjoys a rich family life with their three beautiful children and seven amazing grandchildren. Carolyn is available to speak on a variety of Catholic topics. If you would like Carolyn to speak at your local event please contact her at You can learn more about Carolyn's ministry at

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  1. Thank you Carolyn for this INSPIRATION that the GOOD LORD has asked you to share with us. Indeed CHRIST expects we, His Followers, to go about doing good just as He did and continues to do in our LIVES

  2. Thanks Carolyn for your inspiring reflection
    May the risen Christ enable us to become better followers so that we may live with Him forever in His Kingdom

  3. Thanks Carolyn. With your indulgence let me diverse a bit. Yesterday, responding to Mary’s post, Laura Rellihan revealed a serious concern. I live in Eastern Daylight Savings time. At 11:00 a.m. Sunday morning I am going to make Laura my special attention at Mass. Then on Tuesday morning at 8, my assigned hour of adoration, I am going to make Laura the focus of my prayer. Hopefully some of you will join me from different places.

  4. Thank you, Carolyn for your clarity. Your reflections always offer a beautiful insight into our Lord’s deep love for us, and his desire to be in union with us through prayer.

  5. Also regarding Laura R – Yesterday my entire eighth grade class of 32 prayed that she would feel God with her when she heard the results and we will continue to keep her in our prayers. May she and all of us feel the love of God that will sustain us in any situation.

  6. Thank you Mary. In our time of scarcity, may we always remember Jesus our Supernatural Hero. Inspiring reflection.

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