Tuesday, 1/31/17 – Be Encouraged!

Tuesday, 1/31/17 - Be Encouraged!

If you were asked to create your own “litany of the saints” prayer, whose names would appear on it? There is one restriction: you may list only people whom you have known personally during your life time. You, of course, […]

Tuesday, 1/24/27 – To Do Your Will

Tuesday, 1/24/27 - To Do Your Will

One word that teenagers do not like to hear is “obedience.” Young people who are breaking away from their parents and launching out into a bigger world prize their freedom above all else. When they hear the word “obey,” they […]

Tuesday, 1/10/17 – Tasting Death

Tuesday, 1/10/17 - Tasting Death

“Jake” is an atheist I met. He has experienced the premature death of his mother and his only brother. For Jake the only value he sees in death is that our bodies become “worm food.” All things are temporary. A […]