Tuesday, 4/18/17 – Female Apostle

Tuesday, 4/18/17 - Female Apostle

Remember the story of Judith? She was a prominent women in Israel during the days when Babylon was threatening to invade Jerusalem. Not a single man among the Jewish leaders was willing to take action to protect God’s people; they […]

Tuesday, 4/11/17 – Glorified!

Tuesday, 4/11/17 - Glorified!

There are few things on this earth more glorious than a bride. I have watched three of my daughters walk down the aisle to be married. With the help of hairdressers, makeup artists, manicurists, and dress designers—add to this the […]

Tuesday, 4/4/17 – Beautiful Snake

Tuesday, 4/4/17 - Beautiful Snake

Who knows what the word “ophidiophobia” means? Only one hand in the air—a zoo keeper. Yes, it means “fear of snakes.” Most everyone I know has this phobia to some degree. And, this fear is magnified in someone who has […]