Tuesday, 1/10/17 – Tasting Death

Tuesday, 1/10/17 - Tasting Death

“Jake” is an atheist I met. He has experienced the premature death of his mother and his only brother. For Jake the only value he sees in death is that our bodies become “worm food.” All things are temporary. A […]

Tuesday, 1/3/17 – Empowerment

Tuesday, 1/3/17 - Empowerment

Have you notice how many TV ads speak to the need for humans to be empowered? Seeing ourselves as coming up short of who we wish we were, we seek solutions that will make us feel more powerful. Some want […]

Tuesday, 12/26/16 – Bigger Picture

Tuesday, 12/26/16 - Bigger Picture

The math teacher drew a diagram of a six-panel window on the front board. “How many rectangles do you see here?” she asked the class. “Six,” they replied in unison. “What about the entire drawing; that’s a rectangle. What about […]