Tuesday, 10/17/17 – Sanitizers

Tuesday, 10/17/17 - Sanitizers

Have you noticed how the hand sanitizer business is booming? We are involved in a mass attack on those “germs” that attach themselves to our hands. Some churches even have convenient hand sanitizers next to the communion stations. Children buy […]

Tuesday, 10/10/17 – Feet of Jesus

Tuesday, 10/10/17 - Feet of Jesus

A new term has been coined recently—“stay-cation.” Some people, because of financial or time limitations, choose to spend vacation time at home rather than visit a resort. I’m not sure what people do on a “stay-cation,” but I suspect they […]

Tuesday, 10/3/17 – God Works Slowly

Tuesday, 10/3/17 - God Works Slowly

How many of you are Mr. Roger fans? When my oldest daughter was growing up, the two of us sat side-by-side almost every afternoon watching Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood show. One of Mr. Roger’s favorite songs was “I Like to Take […]

Tuesday, 9/26/17 – Compact Unity

Tuesday, 9/26/17 - Compact Unity

I sat down on the floor to help my three-year-old granddaughter put a puzzle together. This was something new to her. I gave her hints and showed her that if a piece doesn’t fit, turn it around and it might. […]