Tuesday, 3/21/17 – Infinite Mercy

Tuesday, 3/21/17 - Infinite Mercy

Scott’s dad told him many times, “Do not play ball in the street; you may break someone’s window.” Next day, Scott joined his friends in playing ball in the street. Sure enough, dad’s prediction came true—Scott fouled a ball right […]

Tuesday, 3/14/17 – Superiority

Tuesday, 3/14/17 - Superiority

Remember the scene from the movie, Gone with the Wind, in which at the end of the work day one of the poor slaves in the field shouted, “quitten time”? Immediately another slave became angry and turned to his fellow […]

Tuesday, 3/7/17 – Rain Power

Tuesday, 3/7/17 - Rain Power

It is no coincidence that at a time when the clouds begin to pour forth spring rains, the Church begins to pour forth Lenten graces. What would we do without spring rains? Or what would we do if we have […]

One Hundredfold

One Hundredfold

If a bank started offering certificates of deposit at a 10% interest rate, it would be overrun with customers. Imagine putting in $100 and then getting $110 back. What a deal! Now suppose a bank offered a 10,000% interest rate. […]