Tuesday, 6/13/17 – Lost and Found

Tuesday, 6/13/17 - Lost and Found

Everyone loves St. Anthony of Padua. He is in charge of God’s “lost and found” department. When we lose something around the house, we quickly ask St. Anthony to help us find it, and most of the time he comes […]

Tuesday, 6/6/17 – God’s Solution

Tuesday, 6/6/17 - God's Solution

I remember reading a Ziggy cartoon. With a downcast look on his face, Ziggy slowly hobbled out of the psychiatrist’s office. In the background the psychiatrist whispered to his assistant, “All he really needed was a hug, but insurance doesn’t […]

Tuesday, 5/30/17 – Singled Out

Tuesday, 5/30/17 - Singled Out

My granddaughter just graduated from preschool. As the class took their positions on the stage to sing for us, we began to stretch our necks and try to spot the “one who belonged to us.” At last I spotted my […]