Mary’s WAY – Women Answering Yes

by Carolyn Berghuis, MS, ND, CTN

I was privileged to be the speaker at a Mary’s Way dinner last October at All Saint’s Parish in Guilford, Indiana (USA), and I have to share with all of you that I was deeply touched by the love I felt in the hearts of the women there. The evening fostered an atmosphere of grace, love and beauty. This Mary’s WAY dinner, as they all do, spoke to the richness of our faith as the event honored both our Blessed Mother and her Son while fostering a sense of unity and love among the attendees. I was so moved by the event that I invite your parish to consider holding a Mary’s WAY dinner.

A little background on Mary’s WAY. Created in the heart of Ann Winkle, and born out of her love for Jesus through Mary at a diocesan retreat, Mary’s WAY supports our internal desire, as devout Catholics, to openly share our love for Jesus and Mary. Ann was blessed to grow up in a home where her parents and grandparents lived their Catholic faith, their yes to God was an everyday event! As a family they prayed the rosary and they kept Jesus and Mary very much alive in their daily activities for all to see. This eventually created in Ann’s heart a deep desire to create a space where other women could confidently do the same – openly express their love for our Lord and his mother. This vision included a renewal of the rosary for today’s generation. How beautiful!

Beginning in Ann’s small parish of 700 with 97 attendees, Mary’s WAY dinners have been known to draw upwards of 300 women. The speakers have been priests, Catholic lay women, singer/songwriters and other professionals. The topics have ranged from presentations on Fatima, Divine Mercy and St. Faustina, All Souls Day, End of Life issues, artificial birth control, human triumph, family miracles, and the power of forgiveness. Not only does Mary’s WAY foster an environment of Christian unity and love, it brings the Blessed Mother into our everyday lives. Yes, Mary’s WAY, and Ann Winkle’s yes, continues to open the door for God’s healing to enter into the world so that His will be done! Thank you Ann for your yes. I sincerely hope that many others experience the beauty I was privileged to experience at a Mary’s WAY dinner.

If you would like to learn how you can bring Mary’s WAY to your parish please visit:

Mother Mary – pray for us!